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Over 15 years of experience at your service… 4 years in applied arts school, 3 years in digital art and communication, 10 years as graphic designer in an IT company and today my own studio…

  • Art Director

    In this function, I will deal with all the visual and artistic aspects of publications, multi-media projects, advertising campaigns and audiovisual productions.

  • Photography

    Why not emphasize your message by an elegant series of pictures?
    I propose you all my knowledge to illustrate the quality of your new projects.

  • Video

    Video marketing is the fastest growing trend online today. People prefer spending their time by watching a video than reading text.

  • Design & print

    People do judge a book by its cover. Customers judge a business by its brand design. Keep it simple ! Simplicity is the Holy Grail of all design rules.

  • 3D

    Due to the increasing demand for high-quality visual effects, virtual 3D animations are the new trend for digital artists!

  • Coding

    This is the hidden part of iceberg, Internet is now the go-to place for broad-reaching.


A question, a remark, a project or an idea, do not hesitate to contact me

Adress: 9, clos Alfred Steux
7711 Mouscron

Tel: +32 (0) 478 79 36 20

David Selen

I would like to ensure that my restaurant is very accessible to everyone, for this I have a young and dynamic concept in mind.
I want to make my customers happy through my kitchen,
my way of cooking. My kitchen has to be lively and generous.

David Selen


The only request of David Selen was relatively simple : he wants to provide the possibility to reserve a table using online booking facility. For the rest I had carte blanche to design the site, to make the choice of the technologies and even the structure of the content. The only restriction was to preserve the logo.


Once the first prototype presented and after having discussed last details, David Selen was really satisfied.

The site runs on Wordpress©, a program made famous for its managements blogs. I established the graphic style of the project, added two or three plug-in and finally developed an online table reservation system in php.


The final goal of this project is to be properly visible on all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile…)

For the background photoshoot

I was asked to make a photoshoot of the establishment, in order to use a different picture for each page of the site.

Shooting result

All Risks Insurances

We are at your side at every milestone in your life, finding a solution to your needs and motivations. All Risks Insurance is your ideal partner!

New business, new communication

All Risks Insurance "ARI" is a new insurance broker company which wants to offer the very best policies available to its customers. Its young leaders want
a strong and a modern communication, using new technologies.


Knowing that ARI promotes green energy and wants to release a modern image, we first started discussing the logo with the help of Mattia Van Haver from the T'ink Studio. We finally agreed on a design with young, dynamic and vibrant shapes and colours.

Next step, the templates : letterhead, business and greeting cards, envelopes, car stickers, lettering...

Vert & technologies

Once the graphic guideline implemented, we discussed about the website and the development of an app, so that ARI's customers can for example make a claim via their mobilephone, with the possibility to directly take a photo or video. The game is worth the candle ! I presented some prototypes and after having made changes in terms of investment and information, the goal was reached.

The website turns on Wordpress, with a variety of plug-ins, newsletters, account control, increased safety, html, css3, etc...
using a minimalist style, perfectly conveyed by ARI.

The ARI Friends

One of the main ARI's specifications is that all the customers taking a insurance package, will be offered "ARI's Points". They'll have the possibility to use these points by visiting ARI's Friends and take advantages of discount or promotions (car dealers, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.)


Last minute request...

For this new year, the ARI team is pleased to present you its best wishes... with a video.






Sobe Fit Body

"SoBe Fit Body" is the only Boutique Fitness studio in Miami Beach that offers the options of innovative Ballet Barre Fusion, Yoga and Pilates Reformer Group classes in one convenient location. This beautiful, modern studio means no more running across town from one place to another to meet your fitness goals. You can now get all of the classes you like in one place.

Fitness is all about making the right choices

An Exclusive "Boutique Studio" offering the Best Ballet Barre Fusion, Yoga and Pilates Reformers Classes in Miami Beach. Fitness is all about making the right choices. Sometimes it means choosing between some equally beneficial options, such as a Pilates Miami Beach Reformer class, a Ballet Barre lesson or a Yoga studio.
Now, you can get the best of all worlds right in the heart of South Beach.

"SEO" - Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users.

For the first time I worked with a SEO plugin for a best optimization. And with the help of a SEO Specialist all the stuff for the search engine is really optimized...

Pilates from SobeFit Body

AMANDA online

Amanda is developped by SolvAxis Online SA, a company of the SolvAxis group, a leading software dealer. The Amanda team
is composed of people with extensive experience in business software as well as experts/passionates of technology...


This mission was for me a great opportunity in graphical interface development.
An interface has already existed but was unconvenient for a daily use by anyone with little computer knowledge.

Icons, icons and more icons

One of the main steps of the project was to create a new graphic identity for the application. This involves the creation of new icons, 158 exactly. The goal to reached is that the user could understand the functionality of each one with just one glance.

I had carte blanche. It was an extraordinary and rewarding experience. We worked on a completely renovated interface combined with an easy way to use it. And it was also the opportunity to rethink the interface for different medias, such as tablet, mobile, social network...

 Icons drawing
Amanda - Application

Fleur de Sel

I'm working with Stephane since the begining He knows exactly what we want when we're giving him some basic ideas. He knows how to turn those ideas into a great modern project i think he's part of the webmodernartists new generation. My only advice will be " go work with him blindly !"...

A long-term collaboration

I'm working hard with Tony & Camille from "Fleur de sel - Epicerie Fine" since the beginning of the creation of the store . Responsible for their website, their general communication, events such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.. Young + good ideas + motivation = the best combinations

Young + good ideas + motivation = the best combinations

In most cases, it's Tony or Camille contact me with a basic idea of what they need. Then I take the idea and I figure out how to get this idea layed down on the web for that reason i'm also following the general communication on-line of Fleur de Sel.

The website was the first step in a long process of communication around this new "concept". Then was the time for a photo shoot of the store, preparing some recipes or the 'famous' Tony's cooking show.

Don't stop to communicate

Fleur de Sel's communication does not stop ever, each events, each holidays some point are accompanied by a flyer, a card, a newsletter and so on. Camille & Tony, do not hesitate to invest in different project to make known the different activities of Fleur de Sel.

Poster creation process

and many more...

  • Emma.C & co
  • Coseco
  • Wordsteel
  • Swiss Life
  • Mercure
  • Steritec
  • Le MCC
  • MR
  • Fluxys
  • FIT
  • Delphine Gilson
  • Balticare
  • Holcim